Our Mission is to provide, track or introduce the best online learning opportunities for Canadian accountants (CPA) and business professionals, while sharing our knowledge by providing consultancy, development, deployment and hosting services to others in the online learning space as well as introducing our customers to other opportunities of interest and relevance to them.

Our courses are selected to keep you up to date by providing learning opportunities that are relevant to you, verifiable CPD hours and are very competitively priced.

The idea to establish loopcpd.com came from the idea of beliefing in the necessity to partake in Life Long Learning in a formal manner to stay up to date and to maintain the professional competencies and skills that are necessary to prosper in an ever changing business/professional environment.

We recognize that this opinion is not unique, but one which has been embraced by numerous professional bodies. Most professional bodies now require their members to undertake at least a minimum amount of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to keep their status as a member in good standing. Many bodies also offer some CPD learning opportunities themselves but most people's learning needs will not be totally met by their professional bodies and need to be supplemented by learning from other sources.